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The MR417 is a hall effect current probe with 2 ranges designed for oscilloscopes, waveform displaying instruments, and other frequency sensitive displaying instruments with BNC inputs. The probe has a 6.5 ft (2m) lead terminated by a BNC connector and can measure up to 400AAC and 600ADC. The probe is powered by a 9V battery or by a standard 5V external power supply via a micro-USB connector (not supplied).

40AAC, 60ADC, 10mV/A & 400AAC, 600ADC, 1mV/A, BNC Output

  • The jaw shape enables users to clamp on to cables or small busbars
  • Powered by battery or standard external 5V power supply via micro-USB connector
  • Measures up to 1000Aac and 1400Adc (model dependent)
  • Equipped with a Zero DC reset function
  • Auto Power Off enable/disable function
  • LED overload and low battery indicators
  • Millivolt output compatible with most equipment and instruments
  • Equipped with a coaxial lead and isolated BNC connectors for direct connection to an oscilloscope
  • Battery life up to 50 hours
  • Safety rating 600V CATIII

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AEMC Instruments MR417