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The Megger® DET2/3 automatic ground test instrument is robust, compact and designed to measure ground electrode resistance and soil resistivity. It provides a full range of test methods and excels at the four terminal method of measurement, which eliminates the resistance of the current circuit from the measurement.

The DET2/3 is a reliable instrument for use on large or more complex ground systems, which include communications ground systems and difficult test environments. It can be used to test in accordance with BS 7430 (earthing / grounding), BS-EN-62305 (lightning protection), IEEE Standard 81, and railway applications.

Soil resistivity measurements are used to establish the optimum electrode design and site, as well as archaeological and geological investigations.

The DET2/3 is housed in a dual case design, which includes a tough outer case to protect the tester from knocks/drops and an inner fire retardant case.

  • High resolution of 1 mΩ, ideal for large ground systems
  • Versatile test modes
  • High accuracy for ground electrode grid and soil resistivity tests
  • Rechargeable battery power that can last all day with a fast re-charge (up to 10 hours)
  • Robust instrument with IP65 protection
  • Automatic test frequency selection, with filters and high current features
  • Diagnostic trace display
  • Data storage 900,000 points
  • Large color display that shows numeric and graphical results


Each Unit Includes

  • DET2/3
  • (1) Charger
  • (1) User Guide
  • (1) MCC1010, Current Clamp
  • (1) MVC1010, Voltage Clamp
  • (1) Calibration Verifier, Clamps
  • (2) Reel with 330 ft (100 m) Test Cable
  • &lt,li&lt,(2) reel= with= 200= ft= (60= m)= test= cable&lt,= li=&gt,

  • (4) Test Spikes
  • (2) 4.5 ft (1.4 m) Leads with Connectors and Clips
  • (1) Calibration Verifier, Instrument
  • (1) Pouch
  • (1) Carry Strap
  • &lt,/li&lt,(2)&gt,

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Megger DET2/3 100M KIT


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